Help: Ordering Instructions

Placing an order on this website is fairly easy, once you know the process. Learn the process to place an order here.

1. Choosing Which Menu

First step is to choose which menu or reservations you will be ordering from. You can only order from one menu or one set of reservations at a time.

If you want to place an order from 2 different menus, or for a reservation and for a menu order at the same time, just place 2 different, separate orders. This helps us keep your orders organized.

Reservations is not always visible, if there are no events currently available.

Step 1: Choose Menu or Reservations

2. Adjusting Quantity

Next, you need to choose desired quantities for all items within one section. In order to speed up the ordering process, we have all items displayed on one page, separated into sections.

The online menu order follows the paper menu or PDF menu that you may have used to build your order.

You can increase quantity one of three ways:

  1. Type in your desired quantity
  2. Put the cursor in the box and use the up and down keys to adjust quantity
  3. Use the mouse to click the arrow buttons

You may find that navigating between fields using the tab button is helpful.

Step 2: Adjusting Quantity

3. Adding to Cart

Once you have selected quantities for one section, make sure you click the button ‘Add Selected to Cart.’ This button keeps a running subtotal for the section as you are working on it.

You can always come back to a section later and add more stuff. The subtotal you see will only be counting the items you are working with at that time; it will not include items already in your cart.

Step 3: Adding to Cart

4. View Cart or Go to Checkout

You can view your cart at any time using the link in the header, or using the temporary link that shows up right after adding items to the cart.

Step 4: View Cart

From the cart page, you can easily go to Checkout.

Step 4: Go to Checkout (v1)

If you know that you are finished putting together your order, you can also skip the cart page. There is a link to the Checkout page at the bottom of every menu and reservation page. Just scroll down and click.

Step 4: Go to Checkout (v2)

5. Checkout

Checkout should be very straightforward. Please make sure to fill in times for pickup so we know when to have your order ready. This section will look slightly different depending on what menu you order from.

Step 5: Checking Out - Pickup Times

Any special requests should please be typed into the Special Requests field.

Step 5: Checking Out - Special Requests

Returning customers should log in and have all of the billing information pre-populated. If this is your first time placing an order on this website, you will have to both fill out your information and create an account (an account is required and will save you time next time around).

Placing an order on this website will never charge you money – payment is expected after the order confirmation.

IMPORTANT: Every order is reviewed individually, and a separate, specific order confirmation is sent out. This includes a link to pay. IF YOU DO NOT GET THIS CONFIRMATION, CHEF DAVE’S DOES NOT HAVE YOUR ORDER.

Step 5: Checking Out - Place Order

That’s it! Once you have done this once or twice, it should be easy.

Ordering Instructions was last modified: March 8th, 2018 by Larry Frank